John Noble

John is Vice-President of Noblehurst Farms Inc., a 1,700 cow dairy operation near Linwood, New York. This seventh generation, multi-family farm thrives on being environmentally conscious, fostering teamwork, promoting agriculture, and ensuring good stewardship of natural resources and community.  This commitment to the environment led him to his involvement with Genesee RiverWatch.

The farm has ownership in a food waste recycling company – Natural Upcycling.  Operating in six states, the company collects food waste from retail establishments and food manufacturers for use in anaerobic digesters and compost facilities – keeping this waste stream out of landfills.  Noblehurst’s digester handles 100 tons of this material each week, generating electricity by mixing it with the waste from the cattle.

John is currently serving on a number of boards and organizations, most notably the Cornell University Board of Trustees, the New York State Agriculture Society, and the Board of Erie-Niagara Insurance Cooperative.  John received a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics from Cornell University.

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