Michael Boller, Ph.D.

Michael Boller, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Biology, Director of the Sustainability Program, and Coordinator of the Center for Sustainability at St. John Fisher College.

A self-proclaimed “water guy,” he has always loved to be in, on, and around the water – whether swimming as a child, canoeing and whitewater kayaking as he achieved his Eagle rank in Boy Scouts, working as a paddling instructor and lifeguard, SCUBA diving as a college student, conducting field research in the Bahamas, New England, and California while in graduate school, or working as an educator in sustainability, ecology, and aquatic science. 

He sits on the Genesee RiverWatch board to promote the goal of protecting the water and works within the organization and with others to develop community programs to share science and aquatic stewardship.  He is the director for the NOAA B-WET Our Lakes, Streams, and Rivers: Watershed Education and Stewardship in the Lake Ontario Watershed program where teachers are being trained to transform student perceptions, apply STEM concepts to our environment, and build caretakers of our precious waters.

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