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Your support helps us restore the waters of the Genesee River Basin, improve access to our rivers, streams and beaches and create an environment in which economic development both benefits from and contributes to the water quality of our region.

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The CARE Collaborative is a multi-stakeholder organization whose purpose is to identify and implement projects and programs that address important, under-attended environmental issues in the 9-county Finger Lakes Region.


In 2005 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded $303,000 to CEI as part of the Community Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE) grant program. CARE supports communities in creating and using collaborative partnerships to reduce exposure to pollution.

To implement this grant CEI formed the Rochester CARE Collaborative comprised of a multi-stakeholder organization and six inaugural program parts that together substantially and strategically address specific, pressing toxic issues in the Rochester community.  This grant was officially wrapped up October 2007.

From the beginning of the CARE process, all members of the Rochester CARE Collaborative Working Group agreed that it should continue indefinitely as an important collection of diverse interests that identify and address unmet needs regarding environmental protection in the Greater Rochester area.

The CARE Collaborative works to improve the area’s understanding of, attention to, and reduction of multiple environmental impacts through continued research and activity of the group. The Collaborative endeavors to design and assist the advancement of new initiatives and programs to address selected environmental issues, and increase wider community knowledge of them.

Want to Participate?

For more information on the CARE Collaborative or if you or your group is interested in participating, please contact our Executive Director, George Thomas.

Our Supporters: Listed below are the organizations and individuals who have contributed to our success in the past 2 years.
Gensee River Basin ($2,000):


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Main Stem ($1,000):

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Headwater ($100):



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