Genesee RiverWatch Trifold Brochure

Annual Reports:

2019 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report

Report Card:

Genesee River Basin Report Card – 2019

Genesee Blueway Map:

The Genesee River Blueway Map is available for use by canoeists and kayakers who wish to explore and connect with the river. Available as a downloadable overview map or an interactive map.

Water Quality Reports

Find all of the Genesee RiverWatch project reports on our Improve Water Quality page.

Videos on YouTube Channel

Find a variety of videos on our YouTube Channel

Restoring our River:

The Genesee and near shore of Lake Ontario face serious water quality issues that limit their use and reduce their value.  In this 12 minute video published in 2014, learn why the Center for Environmental Initiatives launched Genesee RiverWatch.

Restoring Our River
Restoring Our River
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