The Genesee River


The Genesee drains over 2,500 square miles as it makes its 157 miles northward journey from Potter County, Pennsylvania to the Rochester Harbor. Learn more about the watershed. Check out the interactive map of the Genesee River Basin

Genesee River Blueway Canoe-Kayak Access Map

The Genesee Blueway Map: A printable and interactive map featuring canoe-kayak access sites along the Genesee River.

Report Card

Genesee RiverWatch released its first-ever “Report Card” in 2019 grading the water quality and usability of the Genesee River and its major tributaries.

Basin Summits

Since 2014, Genesee RiverWatch has hosted annual Genesee River Basin Summits to provide a forum for interested stakeholders to share information and determine actions to improve the water quality of the Genesee River Basin and connect people to the river.

Fishing and Hiking

The Genesee’s watershed provides ample opportunities to experience its beauty and variety as you hike its many trails or fish its waters. Check out these fishing tips to get you started and hiking tips for lesser known routes throughout the watershed.

Books About the Genesee River

We have compiled a list of books about the Genesee River. Enjoy!


These resources have been important in informing the work of Genesee RiverWatch and may be useful for those interested in the Genesee River Basin.

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