The following resources have been important in informing the work of Genesee RiverWatch and may be useful for those interested in the Genesee River Basin.

1) SUNY Brockport’s Genesee River Watershed Project

This landmark study of the Genesee River Watershed was published in 2013 in 6 Volumes. It characterized the loads and sources of phosphorus and sediment for the entire Genesee River Basin (Makarewicz, J. C., et al., 2013). Those investigations were built upon flow measurements and an intensive water quality sampling and analysis program conducted over several years. Calibrated Soil Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) models were developed using those data. The models were then utilized to further identify and allocate sources of sediment and phosphorus and estimate potential load reductions from various management practice scenarios.

Volume 1. Water Quality Analysis of the Genesee River Watershed

Volume 2. Water Quality Analysis of the Upper Genesee River Watershed

Volume 3. Water Quality Analysis of the Honeoye Creek Watershed

Volume 4. Water Quality Analysis of the Black Creek Watershed.

Volume 5. Water Quality Analysis of the Canaseraga Creek Watershed

Volume 6. Water Quality Analysis of the Oatka Creek Watershed.

2) Genesee River Basin Nine Element Plan

As a result of this work by SUNY Brockport, NYSDEC published Addressing Phosphorus and Sediment in the Genesee River Basin: A Synopsis of Existing Reports to Meet EPA’s Nine Elements of a Watershed Plan in August 2015. This document outlines the work done and further actions necessary to reduce the sediment and phosphorus loadings in the Genesee River Basin in order to meet water quality goals in the Genesee River and nearshore areas of Lake Ontario. It documents that the Genesee River is impaired for phosphorus and sediment while identifying erosion of streambanks along agricultural land with poor riparian zones as a major contributor to those impairments.

3) New York Great Lakes Basin Action Agenda

Published in 2015, New York State’s Great Lakes Action Agenda is a plan to conserve, restore, protect, and enhance NY’s Great Lakes lands and waters.

New York’s Great Lakes Basin Action Agenda PDF

4) Black Creek Water Quality Restoration Strategy

This 2011 study by the Center for Environmental Initiatives quantified the phosphorus loadings from all major point and non-point sources in the Upper and Lower Black Creek watersheds using computer modeling as part of a Water Quality Restoration Strategy (WQRS). A WQRS is intended to provide quantitative guidance for watershed planning and implementation of measures to restore water quality. It includes documentation of existing loadings, potential watershed restoration endpoints, and phosphorus allocation options and scenarios.

5) Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council:

The 2014 Black Creek and Oatka Creek Watershed Management Plans can be found on the Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council (GFLRPC) website.

In 2004, GFPRPC published The Genesee River Basin Action Strategy.

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