C. Michael Haugh

I came to Rochester in 1980 as a corporate transferee from Richmond, Virginia.  After years of whitewater canoeing on the James and other Virginia rivers, I remember looking at the Genesee and asking, “why doesn’t anyone use this beautiful river?” 

After joining the Board of Directors for the Center for Environmental Initiatives (CEI) in 2011, I became a member of the committee that developed the Genesee RiverWatch initiative. It was launched publicly at the first Genesee River Basin Summit in the spring of 2014.  Since then, I have sought to use the skills developed in 43 years of corporate management, as well as my interest in photography, to help build the Genesee RiverWatch organization and show people the incredible beauty of our river.

I spent decades working all over the country without establishing roots or giving back to the communities where I worked.  Being part of a group that is simultaneously improving the environment, creating economic opportunities, and enriching people’s lives is the most satisfying ‘job’ I have ever had.

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