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RIT’s Melissa Skyer Lectures on Watershed Topics

Modeling a Watershed – What does it mean when we say, “a river is its watershed”? This 30 minute video explains the concept of a watershed, and describes how our surface waters cycle through the environment. It also discusses where sources of water pollution originate and what we each can do to reduce it.

Riparian Zones – As an interface between water and land, riparian zones are important features in the landscape.  These areas are adjacent to waterbodies like streams and rivers, and their health directly impacts the health of the those waterbodies. In this short 3 minute video we visit a high quality riparian zone on the banks of the Genesee River.

Invasive Species – Invasive species pose a real problem in our environment, and these species vary depending on geographic region.  A few invasive species in the Genesee River watershed include aquatic species like zebra mussels, Asian carp, and water chestnut. There are many terrestrial invasives as well. In this 5 minute video we discuss the features of invasive species that allow them to rapidly spread.


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