Sarah M. Lobe

I am an environmental attorney, law professor and advocate with a passion for all things water.  I worked abroad on environment-related law and policy issues, including graduate field work on access to water in Argentina, India, and China; international human rights work based in Belgium for the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food; and teaching at a law school in Turkey.  I returned to Rochester, my hometown, to practice environmental and energy law, teach at Nazareth College, and enjoy our waterways.

The Genesee River Watch connects community to a healthier river.  As a board member I help promote my favorite recreational activities – sailing, paddling, hiking, and biking in or along the water.  I actively improve water quality by participating in our tree planting projects to prevent erosion and runoff.  With our Aquatic Education Network, I help create river-based environmental lessons for students through the college level.  The most inspiring part about being a Genesee River Watch board member is meeting and engaging with so many community members who share an interest in the amazing river that flows through the heart of our city and the watershed beyond.

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