Water Quality Monitoring

While the Basin has benefited from extensive monitoring and modeling studies, there is usually a several year gap between studies that warrants additional testing to demonstrate if there have been improvements or deterioration in water quality. Collecting and publishing more data throughout the watershed will provide a better picture of the overall quality of the water in the Genesee River.

Citizen Water Quality Monitoring

Genesee RiverWatch launched its Citizen Water Quality Monitoring program in 2016. The goal of this effort is to establish simple water quality test methods that citizens can use to measure phosphorus and sediment concentrations in the Genesee River and its tributaries. A Citizen Water Quality Monitoring Protocol has been developed and tested in cooperation with SUNY Alfred and the Oatka Creek Watershed Committee; and equipment was purchased with the support of the Norcross Foundation.

There are several benefits associated with this program. Data that is collected routinely will increase our ability to spot trends. Data collected at a multitude of sites throughout the watershed could identify areas where previously unknown problems exist. Citizens directly involved with sampling and data collection will become more engaged in the efforts to improve the river.

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