2016 Basin Summit

In May, 2016, we convened our 3rd Annual Genesee River Basin Summit where a variety of stakeholders discussed Streambank Erosion, Soil Loss & Sediment throughout the Genesee River Basin. Many tributaries and the main stem of the Genesee River suffer from severe streambank erosion which significantly contributes to excess sediment and nutrients in the river.  Based on presentations from experts and subsequent discussions, the Summit participants agreed upon the following project goals:

  1. Conduct an analysis of the extent and severity of streambank erosion in the entire Genesee River Basin.
  2. Based on this analysis, develop a Basin-wide program to stabilize the highest priority streambanks, including project costs and timing; and
  3. Evaluate the efficacy of such a program, considering the impact on water quality improvement, habitat, increased boating/fishing access, arable soil loss, land protection, improved Port of Rochester harbor reliability, and private and public dredging costs.

Efforts have been made and are on-going by Genesee RiverWatch and its partners to seek funding to support these projects goals. 


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