2018 Basin Summit

The 5th annual Genesee River Basin Summit was held at the Port of Rochester on March 24th, 2018. The topic was “Stewardship Through Environmental Education”. Genesee RiverWatch’s Aquatic Educators Network organized the event. Approximately 100 educators, river stakeholders and exhibitors attended.

The Summit topic was a natural outgrowth of The Genesee River Institute – conceived in 2016 with an objective to enhance public knowledge of the Genesee River and increase commitment to its future health and use through formal and informal environmental education and promotion of local research. A Collaborative consisting of Genesee RiverWatch, the City of Rochester, regional colleges and others with expertise in education and the river is working to achieve that vision.  

In addition, Genesee RiverWatch hosted a Water Quality Student Workshop on May 29th, in Genesee Valley Park. The workshop brought together students from Rochester City School District’s World of Inquiry School and Allendale Columbia School. About 40 environmental science students evaluated factors that affected water quality and left with a better understanding of the local watershed and what they can do to improve the health of this natural resource. This Student Workshop was the pilot session for an on-going aquatic education program designed for Rochester’s primary and secondary level students.

Funding for educational outreach has been supported by a $20K grant from the NYS Pollution Prevention Institute. Going forward, we are seeking funding that will allow the Genesee River Institute to being a full schedule of classes.

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