Hiking the Genesee and Surrounding Areas While Social Distancing

Regardless of what we were doing before the current health crisis and its mandatory social distancing, all our lives have been thrown off their normal tracks.  Many of us have more discretionary time and many fewer outside resources such as libraries, gyms, museums, movies, etc.  Walking is one of the few things we can do that is virus-safe and provides needed exercise. 

We at Genesee RiverWatch are a bit prejudiced and happen to believe that our river, with its beauty and history, is a great place to do those walks.  Accordingly, we will post occasional website and Facebook suggestions for stretches of the river that you might want to explore.  Keep an eye on this page for new routes.

As a rule, these areas will be less well known and should have very little traffic.  However, if you do meet fellow travelers, please maintain a 6-foot distance, perhaps stepping off the trail until they go by.

Most of these routes are described as point-to-point.  If you do them this way, you will want to leave a second car at the end point.  You could also do them as out-and-back trips with a single car; possibly doing half the route one day and, starting from the other end, doing the other half on a second day.

Nothing says that you must walk.  Many people bike these trails and, judging by the hoofprints,  some ride horses.

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