Genesee River Canoe/Kayak Access Improvement Plan 2019

Genesee RiverWatch, in partnership with Genesee Valley Conservancy and Genesee River Wilds, has created a Canoe/Kayak Access Improvement Plan that prioritizes car-top boat access sites on the main stem of the Genesee River that need upgrading and locations for new sites. The Plan was developed using stakeholder and general public input, the results of several in-field assessments, GIS/aerial imaging, and our team’s extensive knowledge of access sites. This plan will be used to solicit funding to make the upgrades to existing sites and build new ones.

The Plan identifies the need for 6 new sites: 3 to fill in gaps of more than 10 miles between access locations; and 3 others where new access is needed. It also prioritizes 8 existing sites that need varying degrees of upgrade to improve safe access.

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