2021 Genesee River Basin “Virtual” Summit – Recordings Available

Genesee RiverWatch has organized the Genesee River Basin Summits since 2014 as part of our efforts to Inform and Educate both river stakeholders and the public. Due to the pandemic, we organized our 7th “Summit” as a series of four online workshops held in April and May.

The workshops were recorded and are available for viewing using the links below.

# 1: We Need Trees

April 7, 2021 at 8:30 – 10:00 am

Topic: A look at the growing need for trees to use in conservation projects and what can be done to satisfy that need. Additionally, the carbon sequestration implications of conservation projects will be discussed.

Who might be interested: Those interested in understanding the relationship between conservation projects and climate action.

What drives the need?      20 minutesGeorge Thomas, Genesee RiverWatchIntroduction to how streambank restoration and conservation projects drive the need for trees. Discussion of the unintended consequences of streambank restoration projects on carbon sequestration.
Carbon sequestration25 minutesJoseph Makarewicz, Genesee RiverWatchDiscussion of how Genesee RiverWatch decided to adopt a Carbon Neutral Policy.
Crowdsourcing Trees      25 minutesMichael Boller, St. John Fisher College & Genesee RiverWatch  Update on the progress of a cooperative project with St. John Fisher College, Oatka Creek Watershed Committee, and Rochester Ecology Partners to demonstrate the feasibility of crowdsourcing trees for streambank restoration and conservation projects.
Panel Discussion20 minutesAllQuestions & Answers  

#2: What’s Going On?

April 14, 2021, 8:30 to 10:00 am

Topic: A review of past, present and future water quality improvement projects developed and implemented by Genesee RiverWatch in partnership with various basin stakeholders.

Who might be interested: Those interested in water quality improvement projects on the Genesee River.

Past Projects  20 minutesPete Lent, Genesee RiverWatchReview of three completed streambank restoration projects in Caneadea, Angelica, and Fillmore, NY totaling over 5,700 linear feet.
Present Projects    20 minutesGeorge Thomas, Genesee RiverWatchUpdate on two water quality improvement projects currently underway. One streambank restoration project in Houghton, NY and Agricultural Best Management Practice projects in Livingston County.
Future Projects      20 minutesScott Fonte, Agricultural Engineering Services  Overview of two projects being developed in Allegany County. One streambank restoration project in Caneadea, NY and the naturalization of the Rush Creek channel into the river near Fillmore, NY..
Panel Discussion20 minutesAllQuestions & Answers  

# 3: Got Access?

May 5, 2021, 8:30 to 10:00 am

Topic: Presentations on current cartop boat access improvement plans for the Genesee River Basin by various stakeholders followed by questions and answers with the panel.

Who might be interested: Those interested in canoeing or kayaking on the Genesee River whether or not they have their own boat.

Genesee River Canoe/Kayak Access Plan  25 minutesGeorge Thomas, Genesee RiverWatch  Overview of recently published Genesee River Basin Canoe/Kayak Access Plan. New and upgraded sites. Update on site improvement projects in Avon, Geneseo, and Caneadea, NY.
New Site in Fillmore  25 minutesThomas Rhett, Genesee River WildsStory behind Fillmore site: A look at what it takes to get a new site established.
City of Rochester  25 minutesMichael Haugh & Charlie Valeska, Genesee RiverWatchUpdate on new access site near Petten Street. Review of investigations into new sites at Maplewood Park and Seneca Park.
Panel Discussion15 minutesAllQuestion and Answers  

#4: Let’s Plan a Canoe/Kayak Trip

May 12, 2021, 8:30 to 10:00 am

Topic: Presentations by basin outfitters and stakeholder groups on how to plan your next trip on the river.

Who might be interested: Those interested in planning a canoe or kayak trip on the Genesee River.

Genesee River Blueway Map20 minutesGeorge Thomas & Wayne Howard, Genesee RiverWatchIntroduction to our interactive Genesee River Blueway map. How to use it. Interesting and useful features.
Who can help me?    30 minutesPeter Abel, Erie Canal Boat Company & John Courain, Genesee Waterways Center  Description of services available to help you get on the water even if you do not have equipment. Covers planned events and ad hoc ones.  
Some Recommended Trips  30 minutesThomas Rhett, Genesee River Wilds; Ben Gajewski, Genesee Valley Conservancy; Michael Haugh, Genesee RiverWatchDescription and details of presenters’ favorite trips on the various portions of the whole river from Pennsylvania to the Port of Rochester.  
Panel Discussion10 minutesAllQuestion & Answers  

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