Genesee Watershed Hiking Ideas

Dear Friends of Genesee RiverWatch,

When the pandemic hit us last year, many of our normal activities were cancelled or became quite risky.  Rather than sit in the house and wait for warmer weather, we decided to put on our boots and explore the trails and sights along the Genesee, its tributaries and the four Finger Lakes within the watershed.  We published a guide to nine trips in 2020, along the Genesee Riverway Trail, the Genesee Greenway Trail and the Lehigh Valley Trail as well as the trails around Canadice and Hemlock Lakes. 

2020 Hiking Ideas #1 through #9

A long year later and, while we can see light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, we still need to mask up and social distance.  There is a lot more of the Genesee Country to see and we are again embarking on a series of hikes that will safely exercise the body, mind, and spirit.  We hope you will join us out there.

2021 Hiking Idea # 1: Letchworth State Park: East Side

Happy hiking!

     The Genesee RiverWatch Team

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