Hiking along the Genesee: Avon area – Route 20 to Lehigh Valley Trail – 6.4 miles

Avon area: Genesee Valley Greenway Trail – Route 20 to Lehigh Valley Trail – 6.4 miles one-way

Park at the point where the Greenway Trail crosses Route 20, 1.4 miles west of the Genesee River bridge at Avon. (There is an excellent parking area here; however, there is no room for parking where the trail crosses Route 5 about .8 trail miles north.) Walk the trail 5.9 miles north to the intersection with the Lehigh Valley Trail at the old Wadsworth Junction railroad bridge. Turn west and walk .5 miles to the western terminus of the Lehigh Valley Trail. There is a small parking area here 2.6 miles south of Scottsville near the Casella Transfer Station.

The Greenway Trail follows the tow path of the Genesee Valley Canal (1840-1878) which became the Genesee Valley Canal Railroad in 1882 and, eventually, part of the Pennsylvania Railroad until it was abandoned in 1963. The old canal bed, scattered railroad ties and bridge foundations for intersecting railroads are features of the entire route. Keep an eye out for beaver who are very active along the northern end of this trail section.

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