Hiking along the Genesee: Seneca Park – Trout Lake to O’Rorke Bridge – 3.3 miles

Seneca Park: Genesee Riverway Trail – Trout Lake to O’Rorke Bridge – 3.3 miles one-way

Take the Seneca Park Zoo access road past the Zoo parking area and down the hill to Trout Lake. Find the trail between the road and the cliff edge above the river. Follow the trail north to the O’Rorke Bridge. It is approximately 3.3 miles but there are many potentially interesting side excursions on trail branches and, in some areas, down to the river level. Part of the trail follows an abandoned rail line whose ballast stones, old ties and infrastructure are clearly evident. For great long views of the river, stop an the many overlooks, especially above the Turning Basin at Rattlesnake Point. You are at the halfway point when you pass through the fence gate at the north end of the Seneca Park property.

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